Have you heard of Mr Jack Valentine?

By Anna

The Norfolk legend of Jack Valentine tells of a dapper chap who would leave gifts and trinkets on people’s doorsteps, in a kind of romantic version of knock and run.

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The residents of Norfolk streets would open their doors to find gifts left by a mysterious visitor!

It has become a tradition for partners, parents and friends to carry on the custom, and leave presents for each other anonymously in this ritual dating back to the 19th century.

What is funny, is that rarely anyone outside of Norfolk has ever heard of Jack Valentine, but ask anyone in our county, and they will tell you a story with a smile.

I’ve been down to the shops in the Royal Arcade, The Lanes, around the Market and of course Jarrolds. They are bustling with romantics searching for trinkets, flowers or chocolates for the focus of their affections.

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I wonder what I’ll find on my doorstep this valentines?  Or if I’ll be lucky enough to glimpse the elusive Jack Valentine.

Enjoy sharing the love,

Anna x

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